The Advance Whitening Program is a home teeth whitening system, designed from dentists to whiten your teeth without pain or sensitivity.

The Kit uses a peroxide-free or 35% carbamide-peroxide formula to dissolve stains, brighten your teeth and protect against sensitivity. Our exclusive LED Light speeds up the process, producing results in just 15 minutes. With daily use, old stains and discoloration will break down, and your teeth will look whiter and healthier.

Each Kit comes complete with a Mouth Tray with LED Light incorporated, Shade Guide, and 3 Gel Pens for a total of 21 applications.

The LED Mouth Tray is a one-size-fits-all design, so getting started is as simple as attaching the Mouth Tray to your smartphone. Apply a thin layer of the gel on your upper and lower teeth by twisting the bottom of the Gel Pen.

Put the LED Mouth Tray in, press the button, and the whitening process begins. The LED Light includes a built-in 15-minute timer that will automatically turn off at the end of your application. Spit and rinse.

  • We recommend to brush your teeth and dry them before applying the gel and start the whitening.

The Advanced Whitening Program is a scientifically tested program with proven and predictable effects. Download our mobile app and follow your step-by-step whitening schedule to optimize your results best. Furthermore, it’s plenty of interesting insights and analytics that you will carry with you all your life long. No other whitening kits make sure You get the best results from the Kit as the Advanced Whitening Program does.

Not at all! You will not face any pain or sensitivity during or after your treatment. The Advanced Whitening Program formula includes repairing ingredients with various anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, ensuring a pain-free experience.

No, our Teeth Whitening Kit only whitens natural teeth. It is biologically impossible to whiten ceramic materials by using a Whitening Kit, don’t trust those companies that claim to whiten Veneers, Fillings, or Crowns.  

Yes, The Advanced Whitening Program whitens crooked teeth. By the way, we recommend you visit your dentist because crooked teeth often need treatments.

We recommend waiting until your braces are removed before using the Advanced Whitening Program to avoid irregular whitening. 

Yes, the Advanced Whitening Program is scientifically formulated to erase tough stains like years of coffee and red-wine drinking.

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