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Personalize Your Reminders Settings.

Reminders Dental Coach

Choose how many reminders You want to keep active, and set them at Your preferred times of the day.  Morning Brush: set a reminder between 5:00AM and 12:00PM. After Lunch Brush: set a reminder between 12:01PM and 5:59PM. Bed Time Brush: set a reminder between 6PM and 4:59AM. Replace my toothbrush: remind You to change Your toothbrush every 1, 2 or 3 months. Dentist Check Up: remind You to go to the every 6 or 12 months.

Register Your Oral Hygiene routine.

Spend less than 1 minute every day registering Your Daily Routine habits, it’s very easy: Are You going to brush Your teeth in the morning? Perfect! You can tap the Morning Brush in the checklist to start registering Your Habit. Repeat this process for every daily Oral Hygiene habits.


Track Your Performance.

Dashboard dental Coach

Have visual feedback on how You are performing thanks to the graph and the progressive circles in the Dashboard. You can tap on the graph to visualize the number of points You totalized, and, by touching the progressive circles You will be able to take valuable information about the importance of every habit. Furthermore, You can navigate between Your 1-day/1-week/1-month statistics: If You keep staying on the green field of the graph it means You are doing good!

Stay on the Top of the Ranking List.

Dental Coach ranking

In the Ranking Page, You can search Your friends by typing their Username in the searching bar. Enjoy the Journey to a healthier smile having fun with Your Friends and try to stay on the Top every week! 

3 Minutes Timer*

Timer Dental Coach

Dentists recommends to brush Your teeth for at least two minutes. The timer will automatically start every time You begin to register a brushing routine.

*You can skip the timer after 45 seconds.

Receive Weekly Reports*

Weekly reports Dental Coach

Get Weekly Reports about Your Performances will help You to understand precisely where You can improve taking care of Your teeth. Acquire a correct Oral Hygiene Daily Routine has never been easier!

*Weekly Snapshot becomes active only after first week of usage.

Be rewarded for Your Constancy 

Constancy is a key factor in keeping Your smile healthy! Dental Coach keeps You motivated by rewarding You with Trophies every time You achieve relevant goals over time.

View Your activities History

All the statistics of Your Oral Hygiene Habits will be permanently stored in the History section. Take a look at Your progress anytime You want!

Dental Coach Pro

Upgrade to Dental Coach Pro version to unlock even more functionalities, prizes and analytics about your daily oral hygiene. 

Remove all the Ads across the Application

Counter of the brushing sessions overtime

Counter of the flossing sessions overtime

Full access to all the trophies

Average brushing session time

Lifetime Counter for brushing

No limitations for friends interactions

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