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Our Team of Developers, Dentists and specialists works with passion everyday to develop smart and effective solutions that helps you to keep your smile healthier and whiter.

As Dentists, we take your oral health seriously.

The mission of every Dentist is the good oral health of his patients. We made your oral self-care easy and engaging: by using Dental Coach, you will attain perfect conscious oral self-care from scratch in just a few minutes a day.

Empowering You to a better oral health.

Better Oral Health means better life quality. Our mission is to enhance your oral self-care with our mobile app, blog articles, community, products, and so much more.

Our Story

As Dentists, we meet a lot of people struggling with their oral health every day. Different causes might generate their oral issues: genetic, lifestyle, nutrition, etc. But the leading reason for the 80% of every oral problem is a poor oral hygiene routine.
It might sound obvious that you need to brush twice a day and floss every day, but it isn’t.

We decided to do something about it. 

Dental Coach App is the core of our solution that helps you to track and log your performance within a few clicks while appreciating the journey having fun. 

Learning a correct oral self-care routine and being constant everyday has never been easier!
Our team of Dentists and writers is providing you value, enhancing your knowledge about Dentistry by regularly publishing remarkable blog posts

Furthermore, we take your confidence in your smile seriously. Is there anything better than to have a Healthy and White smile? We believe everyone deserves a smile to be confident with. 

The Advanced Whitening Program is the smartest and easiest way to brighten your teeth, and it is so safe and fast.
Make your oral health goals easier to achieve is our priority!

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Federico Di Pietrantonio

Federico Di Pietrantonio

CEO and Founder of Dental Coach

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