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Dental coach makes sure your daily oral hygiene routine is accurate and effective.

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Your healthier, whiter teeth.

No more doubts about the accuracy of Your oral hygiene habits.

Dental Coach will automatically assign a certain amount of points for each habit You complete. If You are on the green side of the chart it means Your Daily Oral self-care was appropriate, if You are on the red side it means You have to do better!

Impossible to forget to brush Your teeth.

Dental Coach has a reminder for each important habit of Your Oral self-care. Personalize the reminders settings in the way they are comfortable for You, and never forget to brush Your teeth anymore!

Learn how to improve Your Oral self-care.

Dental Coach records all Your performances and helps You to understand where You can improve. Do You often miss the morning brush sessions? Let’s improve on it!

Enjoy the journey together with the people You care about.

A lot of people struggle every day with their oral health problems. It may be due to several factors: incorrect hygiene, genetic, nutritional, etc… But adopting correct oral self-care habits will surely decrease their risk to have caries or periodontal diseases. Furthermore, You can find your friends in the app, interact with them and motivate each other!

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Avoid unnecessary expenses by learning how to take care of Your smile.

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